Dashboards and Reports

Freyr SPL offers interactive navigation to all SPL formats created in the system with the workflow management lifecycle. The tool enables users to get a clear image of template-based submission status in just one-click through sophisticated Dashboards and Reports.

Workflow Management

Freyr SPL is integrated with a tracking module to keep an account of all the stages during Structured Product Labeling submissions. It also helps the user to clearly follow the review comments until the SPL format finalization/approval.

Strong Editor

Freyr SPL is embedded with a strong editor that helps to work upon multiple styles and SPL formats to create MS Word and PDF documents, Table borders, Images, Control Versions, Audit Trails, etc.

Central Repository

Freyr SPL’s comprehensive repository helps to maintain the SPL lifecycle efficiently and it also streamlines import of previously published SPL formats into the tool. In addition to storing all the documents and control versions for future reference, Freyr SPL ensures that the documents are easily accessible at the time of the need.


Freyr SPL automates the data control. Thus, it is known for reducing the burden on the user while achieving higher productivity. In the process, a source document is linked to the system which automatically matches up with the sections & subsections and fetches the data and thus automatically generates the output.


Fryer SPL comes with inbuilt validator that helps providing accurate files as per the Agency guidelines and in turn complying with the FDA SPL format requirements.

Text Comparison

Text Comparison in Freyr SPL compares two unlike documents and provides comparison results for accurate content management. It’s appropriate to maintain document consistency and to ensure avoiding the unintended changes.

Structured Product Labeling

Freyr Structured Product Labeling (SPL) manages the labeling process and stores the details of any changes made, including the content of the formatted labeling, carton labeling or container labeling using an electronically extensible markup language (XML) SPL labeling standard.

Integration with EDMS

To efficiently organize electronic documentation throughout a project, Freyr SPL accommodates the option of Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) to establish the connection and to directly access the documents from other databases. Additionally, Freyr SPL prevents sending a wrong version of a developing product by an email or blanking out an essential part throughout the approval process.

Data Migration

Freyr SPL (Structured Product Labeling) provides feasibility to import the earlier submissions, which easily enables the user to handle all the Regulatory submissions in one repository. It acts as a necessary component to upgrade/consolidate server and storage hardware, and to add data-intensive applications like databases, data warehouses, etc.

Creating SPLs Has Never Been So Easy!